Physicians Diagnostic Reference Laboratory is a fully accredited laboratory located in Burbank, California. The laboratory offers to practicing physicians different tests including chemistry, endocrinology, hematology, immunology, serology, microbiology. Advanced instrumentation and methods are used by highly skilled technologists to perform assays with accuracy, precision and efficiency. Laboratory Director and Department Manager are also available for discussion of test procedures and other laboratory related information.


Physicians Diagnostic Reference Laboratory will repeat a test at no charge whenever the result does not correlate with the physician’s clinical judgment. Please call our Client Services Department to request a repeat determination, referring to the specimen accession number on the report in question. The laboratory routinely stores most serum specimens for seven days. Other specimens are kept for shorter time periods according to their stability.


The Client Service Department is available for the following services:

  • Requesting verbal results
  • Adding tests not initially ordered on the requisition form and requested later by the attending physician via phone/fax
  • Requesting specimen requirements and handling procedures
  • Requesting duplicate reports
  • Handling calls and answering questions about our services and policies.


At your request, we will phone or fax requests upon completion of testing and review. The original report will be delivered according to your regular procedures.

Results that are deemed dangerously abnormal, and/or life threatening, are automatically and immediately phoned to your office


We provide free daily pickup and delivery service. We will schedule a daily pickup time that is consistent, convenient and appropriate for your office routine. Lock boxes are provided in situations where late specimen pickup is desired to assure all routing of all specimens to the laboratory where office closure may prevent personal delivery or pickup. Our Courier Service Representatives are trained to be prompt, courteous and alert to your service needs.


All supplies necessary for the collection and processing of clinical specimens are provided. You will be furnished with a starter kit that contains the appropriate supplies and personalized test request forms for your anticipated test usage and volume. We will arrange for provision of any additional information or materials you may require.


Representatives are available to assist you in training your staff in specimen collection/handling techniques, and performing on-sight collection services.


Routine Hematology, Urinalysis, Chemistry panels and Coagulation tests are performed and the results reported the next working day.


STAT TESTING. STAT testing is available for immediate need situations. STAT results are typically available within 4 to 6 hours of notification. Due to logistical difficulty of routing STAT specimens to the laboratory in difficult traffic situations, a STAT request should include a home phone or pager number for the requesting physician if the reporting may occur after office hours.

STAT TESTING AND LONG-TERM ASSAYS. Some testing, including microbiology cultures and multi-component panels, cannot be performed on a STAT basis. Most results are available in the morning hours. If you wish these results called to your office during the morning hours, please mark STAT on the requisition form. Results may also be transmitted via FAX to your office in the early morning if so requested on the requisition form and if the applicable FAX number is provided.
Certain test require more than 24-hour turn-around for completion. The Customer Service personnel in the laboratory will be glad to answer any questions regarding these tests.


Physicians Diagnostic Reference Laboratory’s medical director and medical technologist are available for medical and technical consultation on laboratory test results and/or clinical conditions. Our laboratory managers and technical staff are also available whenever needed to resolve problems and/or answer questions, either by telephone or personal visit. We welcome the opportunity to show our laboratory to current and prospective clients and their staff members. Please call to arrange a visit.